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fastai - Open Source Project that helped me grow

fastai - Open Source Project that helped me grow

Hashnode Bootcamp III task post

Kiran U Kamath
·Apr 19, 2021·

2 min read

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When I heard about the "Write about open source project that has helped you grow as developer" task in the last Bootcamp by Samson, I was very happy that I got the opportunity to thank a project that helped me so much in my learning journey.

I became interested and curious about applications of machine learning during my Engineering life and wanted to learn Machine learning. I got started with courses from Coursera. Most courses concentrated on Theory, though that is necessary I liked to learn building applications. I was looking for a course which teaches by building what we learn. And luckily at that time, I found about the fastai course from my friend.

Yes, It is a course, and the course teaches about the fastai library which is an open-source project. And the course is also free.

The course follows a top-down approach and Jeremy makes it very interesting. 80% of what I learned on Machine learning and deep learning comes from fastai.

If you didn't hear about fastai, please please do visit

My blogging journey also started because of fastai. I was inspired by Rachel Thomas blog, Why you (yes, you) should blog

Here you can read Why do I write blogs?

Thanks a lot to Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas for inspiring and helping me to start my journey in deep learning. And thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to this amazing open-source project, fastai.

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