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How do birds fly back home?

How do birds fly back home?

Why birds don't get lost, but most of the time reach back to a particular place.

Kiran U Kamath
·Jun 12, 2021·

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I personally feel that birds are born with a "Google map” kind of software coded into their brains that always help them to navigate back home.

But according to scientists:

Some birds use the Sun in order to know the right direction on basis of the sun's position during the day, and during the night they navigate by the position of the stars and the moon.

Some birds use the earth’s magnetic field
Few scientists assume birds contain deposits of magnetite at the base of their bill, and they use these like magnets that pull their noses north, which means they have an internal global positioning system.

But few scientists believe photons of light enter a bird's eye and galvanize intertwined electrons into chemical reactions that could create a map-like image of the magnetic field when multiplied across the eye.

Some birds use subsonic sound, the low-level noise created by ocean waves.

Some birds make their migrations in family groups, led always by an older bird that has made the flight before.

Some birds like seabirds can smell their way back Some birds use knowledge of the landscape, they follow coastlines, mountains, and river valleys.

Finally, however they navigate, they are much better than humans in terms of Navigation.

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